Northshore United Church of Christ

A Progressive, Open and Affirming, Justice Seeking Community of Faith

No matter who you are, or where you are on life's journey, you're welcome here.

Please join us on Sunday morning for our 10:30 a.m. service!

Welcome to Northshore United Church of Christ. As a Progressive Christian community we are committed to living out God’s radically inclusive welcome for all people. We invite you to experience for yourself this open-minded community of faith where we strive to live out the teachings of Jesus Christ by helping those in need, caring for our planet, and nurturing ourselves.

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Welcome to our Interim Pastor, the Rev. Anne Eidson!

On Sunday, February 1, the NUCC congregation met its new interim minister, and the Rev. Ann Eidson (pronounced EDson) led her first worship service on Feb. 8, 2015.

Rev. Eidson most recently served as interim minister at Kirkland Congregational UCC, and before that at Admiralty UCC. “I thoroughly enjoy interim ministry,” she said. “All through my career, I’ve enjoyed and done well at being put into places where they were going through, or needed to go through, major change.”

Indeed, her career has been Change:  22 years at different postings in the U.S. Navy; seven years as a clinical social worker and then four years as a nonprofit administrator; and the past 18 years as a lay and ordained UCC minister. She’s also a board -certified Life and Transitions coach for individuals.

Ann grew up Methodist in rural Illinois, and joined the Navy, dreaming of flying a plane or driving a ship. Neither path was open to women back then, but the Navy discovered Ann’s talent at being put into difficult situations where people and organizations need to shift directions. Moving up through the ranks to retire as Commanding Officer (Captain), “Directing an addictions treatment center in Florida was what shifted my life,” she noted. At the inpatient center serving 800 military personnel a year, “I watched people come in, their lives and careers at stake….to come out the other end knowing there was hope. They weren’t the horrible people the world was telling them they were; they could come out healthy and whole. I left that job knowing that I wanted to go into clinical social work or psychology.”

After Navy retirement, friends predicted she’d go into either psychology or ministry. With a Masters in Social Work, Ann did practice for 7 years as a clinical social worker, then managed programs for the nonprofit ElderHealth Northwest and for Broadview Community Church. But something else kept calling. “I dabbled in (ministry) courses at Seattle University, and never looked back.” She became an ordained minister. She is also a mom with daughters age 23 and almost 24. The family lived in Shoreline a long time, “but when an old friend of mine from Navy days came back into my life, we bought a 10-acre farm in Snohomish County, fixing it up, fostering and healing abused horses, working part-time.” Her partner Donna is minister for the Center for Spiritual Living in Anacortes.

Ann served as Co-Pastor of All Pilgrims Christian Church, then as interim at Admiral UCC in West Seattle, and then as interim at Kirkland (KCUCC). “I have relied heavily on the ‘sense of call’ that we talk about in church.” It only took her about 10 minutes to decide to interim at KCUCC: “They were wonderful people, searching people who’d gone through a difficult departure of their last minister.” Both churches were “wondering who they were; were they going to stay open; could they find a way to get along and recover.” The answer for both was, Yes, if they want to, we can find a way. “When the Conference called me about NUCC, I thought about it for 10 seconds, and felt, ‘yes, I’m willing to talk...This is a good match. We can do great things together. I believe that NUCC can walk in a very healthy way into the future.”


CROP Walk comes to Woodinville!

Thanks to WIN (Woodinville Interfaith Network) for Social Justice, we will have our first community CROP Walk to end hunger on Saturday, May 2nd, 2015.  We at NUCC will be forming a team to participate in the walk, and those interested can join the NUCC team, form your own or join another team, or just join in the walk! Registration for the walk begins at 9:30 a.m., and the walk begins at 10:30.

For those unfamiliar with CROP, the organization is an outreach of Church World Service.  CROP walks help to raise funds to help end hunger through the donations of those who walk and/or support walkers.  More information will be forthcoming as plans develop.  Watch this space!


Coming Events at NUCC

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Our Church Directory - Make Sure YOU Are Included!

We are currently gathering updated information on the families of our church - both for our internal records, and for publication in the next NUCC Directory. You don't have to be in the directory, if you don't want to be - but please fill out the information flyer anyway.  You can download a copy of the information sheet in either Microsoft Word or as a PDF file.  Then, simply fill it out, and return it via email or other means to the church office. Thanks for your help.